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Welcome!!!!  Glad you found the place.  Quad is groovy. This is the “sticky” page that should always appear first.

I will start with an index to the many separate blog entries that comprise the “whole” that makes up this one-among-many sites covering quad / quadraphonic / quadrasonic / 4-channel audio etc.

The index below follows the format the blog is based upon; the newest entries appear first and the oldest appear at the end of the index as they do with this blog format.


January 24, 2018. A new addition to this blog. folks. Look at the top of the page at the header under the title banner and you see “Quad Videos.” Clicking the link opens that page. It is easy to return to this main part of the site; it is but one click away. You fine folks can figure out the details yourself. Once at the new page poke around… I will be adding more video content as I find it. Have fun!!!


Involve Audio Surround Master

Deported Radio

Vintage Stereo Restorations

A new-found joy of the 8-track


Peeking at the Past

Stuff I Like From Bygone Days

Q Surround


Quad’s Early Days


QS aka RM


More CD-4

Assorted Stuff


Rare Stuff

Quad 8-track tape Q8s

Stuff and Stuff

Various Stuff

Cai Campbell

Tom Fornof Handy Info


Several Pages of Quad Bob

Quad Bob

Quad Bob

Quad Jukeboxes

SRS Circle Surround

Several Posts with Steve Wudtke Info

Wudtke Wit & Wisdom

Wudtke Wit & Wisdom

Wudtke Wit & Wisdom

Wudtke Wit & Wisdom

Wudtke Wit & Wisdom

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