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Hello.  How is everybody doing out there on planet Earth?  Hope that all is well for you and yours.  Sure is a crazy world we live in but let’s hope that the good outweighs the bad.

In the meantime we can keep grooving on the wonders of quadraphonics.  Music can be enjoyed with no need to dabble in what has become ancient technology but there is fun to be had from the searching for quad hard and software… finding a functioning quad receiver or decoder or a quad vinyl record in great condition for a dollar at the thrift store or whatever you mess around with.

If you are lucky you live in an area where the people of the past got into quad but over time sold their stuff where you can find it at a garage, yard or estate sale or maybe there is a used audio equipment retail store or wherever you find used still-working equipment.

Back around 1993 I was reminded about quad when I saw a “Masterworks” quad receiver in a thrift store with a $9.99 price tag. I plugged it in and used the two available speakers to test for output. All channels worked as did the radio. So… the unit followed me home and a different thrift store had two inexpensive speakers to meet the required four and the used record store led to a demonstration quad album with Black Magic Woman as one of the tunes.

Sure, it was a non-logic SQ decoder but if a placed my rotund head in the proper place the “swirl” as the lead guitar flowed around me head lead me onwards to bigger, better and harder-to-find and more expensive stuff.


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Peeking at the Past

Hello!!!  A wonderful human… I assume it was a human… created an awesome Web site where folks can visit and scroll through old Radio Shack catalogs.

Pick the right years and you can look at some quadraphonic equipment and accessories that Radio Shack sold back in the quad days.




Have fun!!!!!!!!!


Search engines mostly eliminate the need for a link page but for the convenience of those visiting I offer a few nifty quad-related sites. A huge THANKS to all whose efforts created these sites:

QuadraphonicQuad   Finest quad-related message board in the galaxy

Tab’s Quad Site     Groovy graphics; a must-see

From Quadraphonic To Good Enough Sound

Quadraphonic Discography

A Horde of Manuals for you to Download  Grab them before they disappear. A Huge thanks to those who made these available

Lots of great information here  look through the several pages. A Must See site

Vintage Stereo Restorations


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Stuff I Like From Bygone Days

There are some benefits to the continual march of technology.

I remember moving from one shanty to another and carrying those containers full of vinyl LP records and the heavy audio equipment.

That Sansui QRX-9001 felt as if it weighed around 200 pounds!!! The weight and the fear of dropping my beloved audio outputter was off-putting, as those whacky but beloved Brits say.

I sadly sold my once-perfect but became un-perfect 9001 receiver a few years ago and the owner’s manual went with it.

Searching the Web I found a reported weight of fifty pounds for the unit but my rapidly declining memory nudges me that its weight was in the 60 pound range.

I have no idea what the weight is in furlongs, stone or hogsheads.

Anyway, compared to the receiver/amps of today that weigh little in comparison I do not miss having to move the hardware or the software of long ago.

Even a decrepit Old Coot such as I can carry a bunch of music embedded in those fancy CD things.

And my current minimalistic stereo stuff (no quad left in my humble hovel) is very light and easily carried.

Even the speakers found at the thrift store for several hundred dollars less than what they cost new weigh only a few easily-carried pounds each.

There ARE many benefits to today’s modern audio stuff but I sure miss the appearance of the stuff I lusted for back in the 1970s.

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This site exists to assist with hopefully enlightening the curious to the short-lived era of Quad, quadraphonic surround sound from a time before the immense expansion of home theater.

Quad was geared towards home audio, for music listening.

It was a different era as those of us around and aware way back then are well-aware of.

Generally, folks viewed music and audio equipment differently in those days.

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Quad’s Early Days

Quad hit the marketplace in a big way in 1971. Vanguard Records was one of the early players with their 4-channel reel-to-reel tape. Articles in various magazines from the period of around 1969 to 1970 mention quad sound from reel-to-reel tape. Quad from vinyl records and FM broadcasts is mentioned as being possible in the future.

Quad on tape is usually a discrete-type quad. True discrete quad uses 4 individual audio sources from input to output.

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This is the “odd man out” in the quad world. Extremely ‘fine’ grooves were etched onto the vinyl record to provide frequencies between 35,000 and 50,000 hertz. The CD-4 demodulator sensed these high frequencies then converted them to a range of around 100 to 15,000 hertz. These frequencies were then sent to the amplifier and on to the rear channels.

A matrix decoder can not sense the high frequencies on a CD-4 record, it can only synthesize the stereo output of a CD-4 QuadraDisc LP.

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