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Hello herd. How are you folks doing? Grooving on the groovy quad tunes? For a quad format that died out so long ago it is impressive how many folks still enjoy using that now nearly ancient equipment to make a far-out sound-field for audio enjoyment. It is helpful that the matrix quad decoders can create a surround sound by synthesizing a stereo input.

To assist this blog in sharing information about quad I created a Pinterest page showing pictures related to quad. Taken from many different sites the pics can act as a link to sites where the pic is located and that may have other pics and written information you find interesting.

Click on the link below and check it out. It’s groovy!!!

Quadraphonic Surround of the 1970s



Q Surround

QSound is a global supplier of audio software technology for mobile devices, headphones, Bluetooth devices, televisions, stereo PC multimedia equipment and other consumer electronics. QSound’s proprietary audio algorithms truly deliver a fuller, more natural and immersive audio experience – users hear the difference!!

Q-Sound home page—-> Here

“QSound 3D Positional Audio Demos “–> Here


There are other new and not-so-new devices, softwares, units with those circuits or programs and this and that an et cetera or two or more.

I encourage those in the know to leave a comment about those newer and really new ways and means to improve an audio field or sound or presence or whatever.

This blog is aimed at audio.

It doesn’t matter if the audio is meant to be video-related.

I would prefer if the audio devices mentioned allowed music from any source to be played; from FM radio to a receiver’s output with sources varying from 8-track or reel-to-reel or cassette decks.

Or from CD or DVD players or, if you are using vinyl– from turntables.

As with muscle car 1/4-mile racing; run whatcha’ brung.

Okay… share your opinion and/or knowledge.