Involve Audio Surround Master


It is a great time to not be dead for the glass-half-empty folks and those with the glass-half-full outlook a wonderful time to be alive. Nifty audio goodies abound. I do not actively seek them; instead I wait to stumble upon them when others mention a device. I was watching a nifty Tab Patterson YouTube video where he mentions the product that led to this entry. Hunting down the particulars upon the wondrous wonderful Web, the ultimate oracle for the curious, I decided the device deserves mentioning here.

Involve Audio, Inc. has created a number of surround sound technologies that are capable of replacing every current form of surround sound technology currently on the market. This technology increases the user’s listening experience while decreasing the provider’s production and delivery costs.

That’s from the firms’ “About” page. The front door to their site:

Involve Audio



Folks, I have not heard this unit perform. I am making you aware of it so that you can check it out if interested. The pics above are from the Involve Web site.

Be aware of this… receiver/amp compatibility with the Surround Master:

Surround Master™ Compatibility List

A list of receivers that will mesh with the Surround Master are shown. If you have a receiver not shown try contacting Involve to determine if their product will function with your device.

Here is an interesting review from a site where audiophiles gather to shoot the breeze:

Involve Audio Surround Master Review

It is a well-written informative review that tells of the pros/cons pluses/minuses and variables of the Surround Master. This part of the review caught my attention:

But, if you’re an old-school Quadrophonic Stereo guy, or you would like to open up your stereo music to a whole new type of experience, then this is a device that will do that in a way that I really haven’t heard before. It blows away the Dolby Pro Logic II Music mode, and it’s got a fair amount of practical channel separation. It also uses the surrounds in a way that came across as more even and full than I’m used to with most other stereo-to-surround processing modes.

Mentioned in another entry is the various ways “quadraphonic” is spelled. The Involve folks place an “o” where I use an “a.” Maybe it was just a spelling error or maybe not. Feel free to write and ask Involve and if they answer solve the mystery and place a comment below. If it is a spelling error we can make fun of them relentlessly!!! But if they are big kids they might beat us up so hold off on the teasing.

The review has an embedded video that also appears on YouTube. Minds far superior to mine allow me to paste some symbols on this screen and near-magically we see:



That is so damn cool. There are some interesting comments at the YouTube site. Appears that this unit may be a viable entity to replace those harder-to-get and expensive original quad goodies such as any Tate decoder, QRX series Sansui devices, etc.

Here’s a video from Involve. If several different songs were used I believe the visuals would be more helpful in determining audio output. Real-life listening is a must but these visuals are interesting:



You can do what I am doing yourself but being the warm-hearted bloke I am here is a handy link to a bunch of Involve-related YouTube videos:


A reminder that applies to all Web sites… it is easy to do a quick peek at a Web site and fail to find a part of the site that hold interesting or valuable information, links to other interesting places or maybe a pic of a mighty-fine bikini babe worthy of grabbing and using as desktop wallpaper. Below is a page from the Involve site with links to several reviews.

Involve Audio Reviews

A Web search reveal a bevy of hits that may be useful to you. Message boards can be a great place to get biased and unbiased opinions from the common folks. Below is the link to a thread at the world’s greatest surround-sound/quad message board that attracts the best and brightest quad minds in this galactic sector. I am proud to state that I am an old fogy and was around to watch the birth and growth of that message board:


The link above offers first-hand experiences with the Surround Master. Some of the reviews glow with passionate delight about its sound quality, comparing it to Tate and other surround processors that excel at decoding matrix material and synthesizing quad from a stereo source. I am tempted. Wish me luck, herd, with that lottery ticket I bought. If I win a suitable amount I am going to buy that device!!!


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