A new-found joy of the 8-track

8-Track Frame of Mind

I like the fact that I’m typing this blog while listening to a quadraphonic recording of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on a cartridge that’s well over 30 years old and still works just fine. Most of all, I love the fact that while we both have a collection of several thousand songs that can fit on a thumb drive, I also have an 8-track player and you probably don’t. So there.

Follow the link and read the rest. Dontcha’ wish that you,too, has a groovy 8-track player? You do? Cool.




Sony TC-248D Quadradial 8-track tape player 1.



2 comments on “A new-found joy of the 8-track

  1. Eric M says:

    I have a 8 track player too. (High5). It’s a 4-channel that sounds so good guests comment on how nice my system sounds. When I tell them it’s a 8 track tape they are hearing, their facial expression mutates into a alien form of disbelief and confusion. Almost unable to accept the fact that the music they’re hearing kicks their high rolling fidelity digital home theatres ass! And it’s on 8 track stereo or quad.
    Unfortunately my 9001 recently went into (I think) a permanent hibernation with hopes of becoming bionic and returning to the future.

  2. Xenon69 says:

    The Akai quad 8 track player pictured is a very nice piece of equipment. Pink Floyd’s “Animals” pictured is not available in Quad, only Stereo which is why the play list is in 4 parts. Quad only has 2 playlists and thus the need for the wonderful Akai 8 track player. 4 matching speakers with equal lengths of speaker wire also make for a great match to which ever 4 channel amp or 2 matching 2 channel amps pushing the sound into you and your friends’ ears….krras tasty as it can get other than being on stage with Heart while they play.

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