New Stuff to Look At

Hello.  How is everybody doing out there on planet Earth?  Hope that all is well for you and yours.  Sure is a crazy world we live in but let’s hope that the good outweighs the bad.

In the meantime we can keep grooving on the wonders of quadraphonics.  Music can be enjoyed with no need to dabble in what has become ancient technology but there is fun to be had from the searching for quad hard and software… finding a functioning quad receiver or decoder or a quad vinyl record in great condition for a dollar at the thrift store or whatever you mess around with.

If you are lucky you live in an area where the people of the past got into quad but over time sold their stuff where you can find it at a garage, yard or estate sale or maybe there is a used audio equipment retail store or wherever you find used still-working equipment.

Back around 1993 I was reminded about quad when I saw a “Masterworks” quad receiver in a thrift store with a $9.99 price tag. I plugged it in and used the two available speakers to test for output. All channels worked as did the radio. So… the unit followed me home and a different thrift store had two inexpensive speakers to meet the required four and the used record store led to a demonstration quad album with Black Magic Woman as one of the tunes.

Sure, it was a non-logic SQ decoder but if a placed my rotund head in the proper place the “swirl” as the lead guitar flowed around me head lead me onwards to bigger, better and harder-to-find and more expensive stuff.



The Web has been a boon for the masses by immensely easing the sharing of knowledge and finding/offering everything imaginable… quadraphonics included.

Shortly before the Web became “big” a group of “quaddies” met via snail mail and fanned out seeking other old-time quaddies. One result was a short-lived printed newsletter that I lost after several moves from place to place. I can not recall the newsletter’s title but I eagerly awaited each new issue.

Then, the Web began to quickly spread and a printed, mailed newsletter was not needed. There was the Web and quadraphonics found a new niche and the good times began.

Back in those pre-Web days I devoted many hours at public libraries digging through stacks of old magazines and staring at microfiche trying to grab as much knowledge about quadraphonics as possible. I learned that the quad days of old… roughly 1970-1976 with a trailing in and out period… were not well-documented with most information sources viewing quad as a fad. The marketing by the various manufacturers was hit-and-miss suggesting to me that those firms were unsure if the audio format was worth their effort.

I sensed a wait-and-see attitude in the firms building and selling quad stuff and the firms whose task was to offer their readership quad info via their magazines and other printed material. Even the few printed books I found on library shelves were amateurish and were very informative other than the basics that could be found in magazines.


And here we experience the power of the Web. Poking around Pinterest I found the following:  Quadraphonic

One of the pictures brought back delightful memories of the years I owned th mighty Sansui QRX-9001.






I bought it used from a retired Air Force pilot who bought it new at a military bas in Okinawa in 1976. It worked perfectly and looked like new. I bought it in 1994 for $250. Sadly, after years of enjoyment the common faults arose that were beyond my ability to repair. And I lacked the funds to have a professional do the required tasks. So, despite being a semi-functioning unit I sold the critter for $100 with the buyer paying the shipping.

Sometimes quad can be an expensive hobby for the common folks who have limited funds. If I ever win the Lottery for a few million dollars I will grab some damn fine equipment!!!

I am going to close this entry and head over to the links page and add some links and check the existing ones to ensure they still lead to a Web page/site.

Have a wonderful day and good luck with your quad goody hunting!!!


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