Search engines mostly eliminate the need for a link page but for the convenience of those visiting I offer a few nifty quad-related sites. A huge THANKS to all whose efforts created these sites:

QuadraphonicQuad   Finest quad-related message board in the galaxy

Tab’s Quad Site     Groovy graphics; a must-see

From Quadraphonic To Good Enough Sound

Quadraphonic Discography

A Horde of Manuals for you to Download  Grab them before they disappear. A Huge thanks to those who made these available

Lots of great information here  look through the several pages. A Must See site

Vintage Stereo Restorations


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March 10, 2016
May 30, 2016
July 23, 2017
January 24, 2018


2 comments on “Links

  1. Anonymous says:

    Recently purchased a Technics SA-6400X and am in need of a couple knobs for it. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to find some? Have googled till my fingers have fallen off and emailed a few vintage parts suppliers. Perhaps knobs from another close model would work???

  2. obbop says:

    I have noticed that folks are auctioning or selling vintage parts for various types of audio equipment on eBay.

    Pictures are often present to assist in identifying if the part will work for you.

    You can also contact the seller and give them dimensions of your part, such as the width, height and the width of the inner hole where the potentiometer or whatever is being actuated by the knob to assist in ensuring you get the proper part or at least one that will work.

    You could also ask at the finest quad message board in the universe!!!!

    click on the “forum” tab at the top.

    You may need to register.

    Good folks there with a LOT of knowledge.

    And, registering will NEVER result in receiving unwanted spam!!!!!

    Good luck with the search!!!

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