Stuff I Like From Bygone Days

There are some benefits to the continual march of technology.

I remember moving from one shanty to another and carrying those containers full of vinyl LP records and the heavy audio equipment.

That Sansui QRX-9001 felt as if it weighed around 200 pounds!!! The weight and the fear of dropping my beloved audio outputter was off-putting, as those whacky but beloved Brits say.

I sadly sold my once-perfect but became un-perfect 9001 receiver a few years ago and the owner’s manual went with it.

Searching the Web I found a reported weight of fifty pounds for the unit but my rapidly declining memory nudges me that its weight was in the 60 pound range.

I have no idea what the weight is in furlongs, stone or hogsheads.

Anyway, compared to the receiver/amps of today that weigh little in comparison I do not miss having to move the hardware or the software of long ago.

Even a decrepit Old Coot such as I can carry a bunch of music embedded in those fancy CD things.

And my current minimalistic stereo stuff (no quad left in my humble hovel) is very light and easily carried.

Even the speakers found at the thrift store for several hundred dollars less than what they cost new weigh only a few easily-carried pounds each.

There ARE many benefits to today’s modern audio stuff but I sure miss the appearance of the stuff I lusted for back in the 1970s.

A Google Image Search is a great way to view the many pictures of the old audio gear, quad and stereo both. Even mono.

The link above is for search results for the term “quadraphonic sound.”

Try other terms for differing results and to lead to pics other terms do not offer.

The search engine seeks out pics with words appearing with the picture. Whoever posts the picture may have used words that one or more search terms do not result in the search engine revealing that pic.

Be creative. Try many search terms. Maybe the name and/or model number of a piece of quad gear may lead to the pics you want to find or if you are just looking for pics of quad stuff in general.

Various ways of spelling quadraphonic can also be tried.

Quadrasonic, quadrafonic, 4-channel and many other spelling variations and terms should be used.

While using Google during the writing of this entry I noticed more “hits” for various quadraphonic-related sites than even a few years ago.

Proof that the interest in the “old” surround sound still exists.

Manufacturers had many different visual styles for their quad hardware.

Some of my favorite looks were by Marantz and their, I believe, “budget line” with the SuperScope label.

Some of those old units were impressive, especially at night with the lighting and various colors used.

Times have sure changed in the audio equipment world.


2 comments on “Stuff I Like From Bygone Days

  1. Ian says:

    Just found your website. I am also an old coot (Brit) and although I have all the trappings of modern music technology (CDs, MP3, DAB radio and the like ) I still have a Pioneer Quad HI Fi set up with Quad & SQ vinyl to play on it! I also have a Sony reel to reel plugged in to it although this is only stereo.

  2. djc says:

    Yeah. They don’t make em like they used to. I have a Sansui power amp that I bought back in the 80s. I also have two 15″ stereo speakers I built about 25 years ago. That Sansui pushes them quite well.

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