This site exists to assist with hopefully enlightening the curious to the short-lived era of Quad, quadraphonic surround sound from a time before the immense expansion of home theater.

Quad was geared towards home audio, for music listening.

It was a different era as those of us around and aware way back then are well-aware of.

Generally, folks viewed music and audio equipment differently in those days.

The Web assists in educating those seeking information about quadraphonics.

Remember to search using the various ways to spell quad;

quadrasonic, quad, quadrafonic, etc. As you scour the Web write down the various ways to spell “quad” and keep searching!!!

Also… try those terms using a search engine’s “picture” option such as the link below leading to Google’s “image search” using the “quadraphonic” spelling:


Some of the pics shown when followed also lead to Web sites related to quad and a few of them do not show up in a “regular” Web search in some of my past experiences using image searches.

YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Hey… I found an addition to an old site I never saw before!!!


When my beloved Sansui QRX-9001 died I stepped out of the “quad scene.”

My income had plummeted after my ONE decent job was sent overseas along with 7,000 or so others employed there and has happened over the years to MILLIONS of USA citizens and with many MILLIONS of illegal aliens to compete for jobs, housing social services (using fake and stolen IDs) that has been especially harmful to USA working-poor and unemployed citizens.. well; note the plight of US citizens within the current economic affairs that I can only label a DEPRESSION since our “leaders” continue to LIE using fake data, statistics, etc. regarding unemployment rates and other data used to “measure” financial “stuff” in the USA.

Anyway… I saved my money and did not attempt to replace my super-neato but broken receiver.

I sold off most of my remaining quad goodies including LPs, etc.


And I did not enter the realm of home theater.

Sure, I finally bought an el cheapo CD/DVD player for 99 bucks and bought the occasional used or super-cheap new DVD or CD.

My TV is a flat-panel new-style lightweight TV to replace the old insanely heavy style of old. It cost slightly over 200 bucks but BIG enough for a Disgruntled Old Coot and the light weight is much appreciated.

And, a Sony for a mere couple hundred bucks at Wal-Mart and the TV can be carried with but one hand!!!

Compared to the Sansui QRX-9001 that was what? Pert-near a quarter-ton?

Just kidding. I think it was around 65 pounds but compared to today’s receivers, that was heavy!!!

I replaced the Sansui with a Sherwood a few years back Radio Shack had on a super-sale… it was either 45 or 65 bucks!!!

A hundred watts per channel. Weighs hardly nothing so easy to move. And plenty for this Disgruntled Old Coot who, for various reasons, has greatly reduced the amount of music listened to.

Not stopped entirely, though.


One comment on “Update

  1. kelsci says:

    My brother had one of those Sansuis and played very well on the Fisher speakers he had but I never heard any great separation with this unit because the rear speakers were reproducing a mono sound similar to Dolby Surround. Nicely made though; played lousy on my Marantz Imp. 6G speakers. Some of the Sherwoods are quite good. I had a home theater model 6095R and though a lower powered surround sound unit, the quality of the sound was superb sounding like audiophile quality plus the yamaha chip used for decoding delivered extroadinary detail on Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 tracks. The unit also reproduced very satisfying stereo, but some of its DSP modes like HALL were only fair. If I were to get a Sherwood product, I would try the 4503 which has a sub output and features a virtual surround mode called Dolby Speaker.

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