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Beware of Fake Quad LPs that are sealed

In the past year or so I have come across several LPs that appear to be quadraphonic but, are not. I know of four reissues that use the quad cover but have a stereo reissue record inside. All are US issues.


The first one is Johnny Winter – John Dawson Winter III. This one is easy to spot. If there is a barcode on the back of the cover, it is a fake quad. I’ve seen several sealed copies for sale on ebay, and I’ve told the owners. Some opened up the record and sure enough, just a regular stereo Blue Sky label on the LP inside. I played the fake and compared to a real quad and the reissue definitely is not quad.

The next fake is Earth Wind and Fire – That’s The Way Of The World. This fake also has a barcode on the back cover(real quad has no bar code) but has record # PC 33280 on the spline. Inside is a stereo red label record. I have the real quad of this one and the mix is different. The fake quad has the same mix as my stereo copy of this LP.

Now some tricky ones. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes – Wake Up Everybody. This fake quad looks exactly like the real quad on the outside. If it is sealed, you will have no way of telling if it is quad or not except….. the real quad uses thicker cardboard for the cover and the inner sleeve is also cardboard. The fake quad uses thinner cardboard and a plain paper inner sleeve. The fake has no barcode or any other identifying marks, but the record inside has the regular stereo LP. I played the fake quad and it is definitely not quad.

The last fake quad reissue that I know of is Sly Stone’s – High On You. The fake quad has the same front and back cover artwork as the real quad. The fake quad has the record number PE 33835 on the edge and does not have EPIC QUADRAPHONIC. The real quad has PEQ 33853 and also says EPIC QUADRAPHONIC on the edge. The record inside is a regular stereo LP with a blue EPIC label. But be sure that the runout area of the LP has numbers QAL 33835 -1A for side 1.

The last one I’ll talk about is an oldie but goodie. Apparently the record company had extra SQ Quadraphonic LP labels and just stuck them on Pink Floyd’s – Wish You Were Here. On my real quad, the back of the cover is stamped in gold with

QUADRAPHONIC and the record numbers and stereo word on the cover spline are covered with stickers. The best way to tell the quad from the stereo is to look at the runout area of the LP. A side of the quad will have stamped numbers PQAL 33453 -1?. The stereo LP will not have the Q in the numbers. Side 2 is similar (real quad has PQBL 33453 -1?). Also, the real quad should end side one with an extra bit of synth music. The stereo version ends side one with some party sounds.

If you are buying any of these five quadraphonic LPs, be sure and ask questions before you lay out the cash.

I also recently saw a reissue of Doug Carn – Adam’s Apple on LP and CD. The LP said quad on the cover. But the CD said that this was originally recorded directly to two track tape and the CD was created from that original two track tape.

The Quad Inc. book says that this was only released in quad so maybe the original recording was sent through a QS encoder when making the original master tape. I don’t have the original quad LP or the reissue LP or the reissue CD. So I can’t say whether this reissue is quad or not.

Wow!!!!! Thanks for that great info, Tom. It will be of great help to the quaddies of the world!!!!


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