Rare Stuff

Rare Stuff

Audionics Shadow Vector Analysis Unit. $1,300 in 1976. SQ with logic gave 35db channel separation.

Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4002 turntable with plug-in demodulator

Bose 4401 preamp optional SQ & CD-4 plug-in modules. 1974 $500. $75 for the SQ module.

Connaught Equipment Co. supposedly built a SQ decoder with 40db separation in 1974

Super SQ Model One by the Deltek Co. $2,150 in 1977. Stereo Review in its Apr ’77 issue called it the ultimate in SQ decoding

Heathkit; anything by these folks. They provided the parts and instructions. You slapped it together.

Integrex Ltd. Built a decoder up to 1981 that handled SQ, QS, UMX, Matrix H/HJ/UHJ.

Scott 499 amplifier. Supposed to be the first specific “quad component” other than a tape deck to hit the consumer market.

Sansui QSD-1 one of the ‘super decoders’

Any jukebox with built-in decoders. Wurlitzer is supposed to have built a few.

There was a list of rare and hard-to-find vinyl LP’s here, but, they have been removed. The Wild Wooly Wide Web of the World now allows the masses to communicate in many ways, one being the ability to offer quad goodies for sale and trade. The eBay auction site is a nifty place to find what were once rare quad records and hardware. It may take awhile for that rare goody to show up there, but, with patience, pert near anything quad you lust after will show up eventually..


6 comments on “Rare Stuff

  1. I have a Question perhaps a bit off topic or not? Panasonic SE-405 CD-4 Demodulator. Can I use a Moving Coil cartridge with this unit to decode CD-4??

    • obbop says:

      Good question. I tended to shy away from CD-4 though I was able to use the format. Supposedly a Shibata-type stylus is needed though a later type supplanted it. And the turntable cables of the proper impedance are needed though I am unsure of how critical that is.

      The Panasonic Technics SL-1300 turntable I used was supposed to be CD-4 ready so I never concerned myself with the proper cable-type. I did ensure replacement styli were capable of reproducing the 45,000 hertz (frequency requirements vary from information source to source) rear channel information.

      The best place to find definitive answers is at the finest surround sound / quadraphonic message board in the known universe: http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/forum.php

      Good Luck!!!!

    • john harper says:

      If you add a moving coil preamp all the CD4 demods I have seen worked with moving magnet carts. I would wonder if the preamp might remove some of the high frequency components from the signal that the CD4 demodulator needs.

  2. R J Amestoy says:

    Not sure how old this is but I would be interested in the Bose 4401 if it’s still available? If so, please let me know …..

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