Quad Jukeboxes

A BIG “thanks” to Marvin Polan who sent the great information and pictures about
the Seeburg “quad” jukebox. A few references to quadraphonic jukeboxes can be found in old audio-related magazines but details were lacking. Wouldn’t it be nifty keen to find one and place it inside the humble abode? Of course…. just because something is claimed to be quad doesn’t mean that quad goody is a real quad item or…. it may be a basic nothing-special unit that doesn’t give that liver quiverin’ all-around quad feeling a good system offers.

Reading the installation and operation manual for the Seeburg “quadraphonicsound” printed in 1974 I see this unit contains the “Seeburg Quad Decoder” “Type SQD1”. Sounds good so far. Then…. we come to the description are of the manual:  “The Seeburg First Edition Model SQS160 Select-O-Matic phonograph features a Seeburg Quadraphonic Decoder which is designed for “Quadraphonic Sound” (the quotation marks are theirs). The Quad Decoder enhances stereo as well as monaural records.”

Hmmmmm…. placing “Quadraphonic Sound” within quotation marks worries me. Those quote marks are one method of saying one thing but meaning another. What DO they mean??? Peeking at the next page of the manual I see that two sets of speakers can be attached to the rear output of the “decoder.” The built-in decoder has separate adjustments for the left-front and right-front speakers and one adjuster for the rear speakers. From the manual:

“For best Quadraphonic effect, the rear control on the SQD1 should not be set to complete maximum. The other two controls (LF & RF) should then be set for proper balance of sound in the room.”

Seeburg’s Quadraphonic Sound Jukeboxes






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